How Long before I can Enter New Zealand with Students VISA?

    Hi, I got admission for a course at ARA Institute of canterbury. My classes will start on Feb 24, 2020. Since I haven’t received the VISA yet, I want to know how many days before I will get the VISA stamped for students VISA in New Zealand.

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      This is an interesting question. Normally New Zealand Immigration stamp you a students VISA exactly 1 month before the course start date.  Since your course starts on February 24, you will get VISA from January 24 onwards. However, if your files are not processed before the date, you will notice a delayed date.  Also no students will get a VISA stamped more than 1 month before the class start date. They make it sure with the offer letter you submitted to the Immigration department.

      NB:- Here is also an additional information for you. Your VISA validity will be over after 14 days of the class start date. I mean, you have to enter NZ with in 14 days after the class.


      Answered on January 18, 2020.
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