Are you interested to help train a machine that uses NZ English accent?

    Globalme Localization ( is a language and technology company. We localize software, wearable devices, applications and websites.

    We are looking for speakers whose mother-tongue is English from New Zealand to make phone conversations using our app, Robson. It will be used for the development of a voice recognition product. The recordings will be made anonymous. Contribute to technological innovations and earn money while talking to your friends and family! 

    What do you need to do? The task is to make phone calls by inviting your contacts using our free app, Robson. There are topic suggestions that you can find on the app once you registered. Your participation will impact the future of speech-enabled devices technology!


    Age: 14+

    Language: English

    Location: New Zealand


    – Minimum of 15 minutes per call

    – You can complete several calls up to 10 hours!

    Payment: $30 USD for every successfully completed 60 minutes.


    App Location: Robson app mobile  

    – App Store:

    – Google Play:


    Please be advised that we only have a limited number of spots available for this project. 

    Asked on January 21, 2020 in Jobs.
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